Did you know that you can have a zoo experience without visiting the zoo? Yes! You can. All you have to do is invite the ponies, black leopards, monkeys and other animals as guests to your birthday party or other events.

One good thing about having an exotic animal party is that it doesn’t cost a fortune to organize and there are different animals available for rent so you won’t bother paying the full cost of buying them. A good petting zoo expert will help you get the best animals.

The animals for rent include; monkeys, black leopards, ponies, cats, tigers, etc. You can hire them for birth day parties, kids clubs, brownies, scouts, weddings and any other event then watch as they thrill your guests and give your party the color it deserves.

Exotic animal keepers go beyond having animals for commercials to bringing animal encounter to your party. They bring the zoo right to your doorstep so you can have same feeling you get when you visit aExotic animal parties are not just for kids, they can thrill and entertain any audience you can think of. Petting ponies have been used for different events and purposes like film, TV, photography, animal assisted therapy, school parties, corporate events etc.

A satisfied mom, who utilized our service in the past, had narrated her experience. According to her, she got a big “thank you” hug from her son because she got one of our black leopards for rent to grace her son’s birthday party. This made him so happy and he confessed it was his best birthday ever.


There are many companies that offer animals for rent but it is important that you hire only those who offer professional service. A good animal encounter company must:

  1. Be Certified:

Usually, the business of staging animal encounter shows and providing animals for commercials or animals for rent require full government license and insurance. So before patronizing any company’s service ensure they’re fully licensed, insured, DBS checked and fully accredited by Guild of Animal Professionals.

  1. Have Well Trained Animals:

The animals for rent should be healthy, well trained, knowledgeable and friendly to avoid causing sudden uproar during the event. Also, before releasing any of the animals for rents they must thoroughly examine the health status of the animal to know if it is fit to attend or not.

  1. Be Affordable:

There should be different options to choose from in terms of cost to match individual needs and budget. For example, the ponies, monkeys and black leopards for rent should be affordable.

These qualities and many more are what we offer. So if your party requires exotic animals in attendance, feel free to contact us as we have black leopards for rent, monkeys for rent, big cats for rent , ponies for rent and many other beautiful creatures.