Make Your Wedding Wild with Exotic Animals Parties - Exotic Animal Parties

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. It is a meant to be a once in a lifetime experience (even if it isn’t the first time you have been married). When you plan your wedding, you pay attention to every detail and think carefully about what you want. Brides typically try on a number of gowns before they select the one they will walk down the aisle in. The couple meets with caterers to pick a menu, florists to pick out flowers, taste different cakes before choosing one, and look at a number of venues for the reception. It isn’t surprising that the wedding industry in America (businesses that provides good and services for weddings) rakes in billions of dollars every year.

Two of the biggest trends in the wedding industry today are destination weddings and theme weddings. Destination weddings take place in far-flung, often exotic locales. They often incorporate the exotic flavor of the destination into the ceremony and/or the reception. Theme weddings depart from the typical wedding template to center around an unusual theme. Some people have who love medieval times have been married at a Ren Faire, complete with medieval costumes. Fans of Star Trek have been married in Star Trek theme weddings. Sports fanatics choose to be married their favorite team’s stadium or ball park, such as Fenway Park in Boston. For a couple who loves exotic locations and the animals found in those places there is a great new option- exotic animal parties.

With Exotic Animal Parties you can build a truly unique wedding that you will remember forever. For animal lovers and those that dream of adventures in the wild is a way to incorporate those interests into your wedding. While exotic animal rental might not seem like an obvious choice as part of a wedding there is a way to incorporate it as part of a lush, colorful wedding. Florida provides a particularly good backdrop for this type of theme. The combination of Florida’s beautiful tropical landscape and rare exotic animals makes for a different kind of wedding.

Have you ever been on a safari or wanted to go on safari? At Exotic Animal Parties we specialize in safari parties and reptile safari parties. Incorporating animals such as adorable pocket monkeys and fascinating iguanas into the theme of your wedding offers many opportunities for enhancing your wedding. Imagine walking down the aisle in setting with palm trees, verdant tropic flowers and exotic animals such as owl monkeys to complete the theme. Imagine a wedding reception that includes an exotic animal petting zoo that will delight young and old wedding guests. Imagine the wildly unique and creative wedding photos that will come out having capuchin monkeys in the pictures. If you love animals and you are passionate about the environment and animal conservation this is your chance to make that love a part of your special day. Our experts will help you and your wedding guests encounter our animals.

Are you wild at heart and looking for a way to make your wild side a part of your wedding? What about leopards for rent, tigers for rent, and other big cats for rent? You and your guests are sure to remember your encounter with these magnificent animals. You searched for a majestic setting for your ceremony and reception. How much more majestic will that setting be with the inclusion of a leopard, tiger or other big cat.

Here it is time to introduce a note of caution and reality to the dream of a wedding that includes exotic animals. We take the safety of both you and your guests and our animals very seriously. Our role is to ensure that your encounter with our exotic animals is safe and fun. We are advocates for our animals and care deeply about their well-being. Our mission is to pass on our knowledge to you and your guests in a fun, creative way. We believe that conservation efforts designed to protect these rare exotic animals are helped when people have real encounters with them and become invested in protecting them. We also arrange for you to have wonderful pictures to remember your special day. For a wild and memorable wedding get in touch with us today and let us know how we can help make your wedding day special with our exotic animals.