Good for all Occassions - Exotic Animal Parties

Whether it is a birthday party, a corporate party, a wedding, bar mitzvahs, a get-together, or any other event; people have started to think out of the box. Everyone enjoys a good party, but the pressure of throwing a grand event has caused children’s parties or family events to go from basic to fancy and lavish. People love to spend on their parties and to make them special and different from other parties, they think of unique themes. There is no joke that if a good theme is chosen, it can make your party from a boring gathering to the party of the century. For example, parties with exotic animals are now a thing these days. Exotic Animal Parties is an animal service formed by Michael Poggi. Being an animal lover and expert, he provides animals for rent for your parties and events.

A fact of life is that kids love critters. When they see all types of animals such as leopards, tigers, big cats, monkeys, ponies, black leopards, you will watch their little faces light up. To entertain your guests in your parties, you can book the professionals at Exotic Animal Parties who can bring, show, and explain interesting facts about our four-legged friends. All those exotic animals that you can think of, just name them and we can bring them to make your parties more entertaining. Along with the animal service, we provide an amazing photography package as well. It is up to you whether you would like your professional photos taken by us, or without. We can either bring the animals to you, or you can visit our sanctuary to see the little zoo and see your favorite animals. After having a look, you can choose some from all the exotic animals for rent that you wish to have on your parties.

Purr-fect for kids, Exotic Animal Parties provides paw-some packages to celebrate your special day. Animal lovers can have a blast an exotic animal party. The most favorite among kids is the pony parties in which only ponies are rented. We provide hand-guided pony rides in your pony parties to make it even more fun. So, bring out your child’s party animal with a fun party arranged just for children who love ponies. To make the party even more memorable, you can also put up a bounce house for children.

Who needs clowns in their parties these days? They have become way too mainstream. What’s new is meeting exotic animals up close which is kind of an adventure and creates legitimate caring and respect for our world’s glorious wildlife. Exotic animal Parties will make it effortless for you and your guests to have a personal interaction with your favorite exotic animals. People of all ages can enjoy a mutual and educational experience with our little zoo that’s brought directly to your parties. It is an existent and in-person experience, and of course, you can Snapchat and Instagram. We can provide cute animals like ponies, but for more adventuresome party animals, we have special exotic animals for you and your guests to meet!