Advertising, television or cinema have a central place in our daily lives. The use of exotic animals for commercials has become popular over the years. Whether it is a warm and friendly black leopard that will amaze everyone or an elephant that will impress the audience with its size and stature, exotic animals have an important role to play in our parties, weddings, TV shows, etc.

To carry out your shootings in all serenity, we offer a quality exotic animal rental service that will meet all your expectations. So, for every project you design, we have an exotic animal that meets the exact requirements you are looking for.
While growing up my favorite pets were cats and dogs because they were the common animals I could see around my environment. My passion for exotic animals started when I fell in love with a cute monkey that was used as an entertainer during a commercial program I watched on TV. The monkey was so friendly and with its every move I found myself giggling.

The Audience Attention is Captured

The presence of monkeys, ponies, reptiles, squirrels, elephants, and other exotic animals for commercials is enough to attract attention. Despite having a wild origin, these exotic animals for rent are well trained to arouse the emotions of the spectators with their surprising behaviors.

Why Should you Hire Our Exotic Animals?

Our exotic animals for rent are ideal for private parties, corporate parties, conventions, fairs, festivals and all types of events you can imagine. Our sole aim is to make your occasion memorable for all participants. There is no doubt that these animals for rent would seduce and steal the hearts of the audience.


At Exotic Animals Rentals, we have a richer and complete catalog of animal actors suitable for whatever project you might be planning.
Animal Care and Legislature
We do not joke with the wild animals of our exotic animal rentals. These animals for rent are monitored closely by a set of professionals. We also ensure that the exotic animals are always in good health and mood before they are sent out to participate in different shootings.
Also, the welfare of our exotic animals is of great concern as we do not tolerate animal abuse. In cases of animal abuse, we have the right to break the contract with the client.