Celebrate with Animals - Exotic Animal Parties

Birthday parties, fun fairs, corporate events etc has long been attended by many, in celebration of an awesome event or occurrence, with nothing more to give it that exquisite touch of great feelings, that’s why Michael’s Exotic animal parties, deemed it necessary to thril you with some mind blowing works of nature, by having you closer to an enormous world’s greatest wildlife in any of your occasion. Michael’s animal parties, offers you Animals for Rent of all kinds, such as Monkeys, Ponies, Black Leopards, Big cats, etc. Entertainment has never been so exciting and educative! Especially within the spheres of Naples, Coral Spring and Broward County.

Our Animals service delivery

Different variety of animals can be found in our Urban Jungle Exotics family, to give you that great feeling of excitement!  With our excellent animal service delivery, we will have you fully satisfied. So you dont have to worry! Our years of experience in the business have afforded us many privileges and connections with other animal groups. We have the ability to obtain nearly any animal for your party need.

Animal Shows

Having Tigers for Rent may sound weird, especially to some persons who have the phobia for Big cats, that’s why it will interest you to know that Michael’s Exotic animal parties, is custom tailored to suit the need of each event with our list of wildlife.  Our popular animal performance is an ideal entertainment option for private parties, corporate parties, birthday parties, wedding parties, conference, trade exhibition, grand openings, college entertainment, fairs, festivals and all kind of event you can imagine even in a Bounce House.

Leopards for Rent

Obtaining a well trained Leopard for Rent, for your event at Michael’s Exotic animal parties will definitely bring a lift to the face of your party by making it less difficult for you and your guests to have a personal encounter with your favorite Animals for Commercials. Kids of all ages, including adults, will enjoy an interactive and educational experience with our zoo that’s brought directly to you – it’s a live and in-person experience, and of course, you can call on  Michael’s Exotic animal Parties for any of your party needs. We can provide Ponies for Rent, so as to give your Pony parties that glamourous feeling…. together with our Monkeys for Rent to grace up your event. But for more adventurous party animals, we have a special exotic petting zoo where you can have a fun and exciting time with our Black Leopard and Ponies, which has been well trained to entertain and add glamour to your event.


Having the presence of your favorite animal in the course of celebrating any of your memorable event, will definitely give you that satisfaction you’ve ever dream about! Why don’t you utilize this golden opportunity, by contacting Michael’s Exotic animal parties to put a smile on the face of your guest’s by entertaining them with our specially trained Animals for commercials, which will also stand the chance of educating them for a fun filled celebration.