Big Cats is an informal term that refers to the four largest members of the genus Panthera, and include the leopards, lions, jaguars and tigers. They are unique in size and in their ability to roar, which is as a result of their specialized larynx.  Also often referred to as exotic animals, big cats are awe-inspiring, beautiful animals that are rapidly going extinct. Below are some fascinating Big Cats fun facts.

  • Leopard Fun Facts

Leopards are the smallest of the big cats but are the most powerful. Their necks and shoulders are amazingly strong and enable them to carry preys that are heavier than themselves. They can also climb trees, a skill that the other big cats lack. Leopards have a bright orange or buff coat that is covered with spots, which may be round or square, called rosettes. Leopards and Jaguars are also known as panthers, and a condition in which the dark pigment of the skin and fur increases occurs in some of them, in which case they are then called black panther.

  • Lions Fun Facts

Lions are massive and tawny colored, and the second largest of the big cats. They have the longest larynx of the big cats and roar the loudest – can be heard as far as 5 miles. The males have a remarkably long hair around the head and neck, known as a mane, which is thought to be an indication of virility and fitness. Although the males sleep for about 20 hours a day, they are the only social species of the big cats and have been observed to nurture and raise their cubs.

  • Jaguars Fun Facts

Jaguars fur is often an orange, buff or tawny coat with large rose shaped spots, called rosette, and a black barring on the end of the tail. Although they are physically similar to the leopards, they are much stockier and have a larger and rounder skull. They also have extra spots within their rosettes. They, along with the tiger, are the only cat species that enjoy swimming in water. They are also the least likely of the big cats to attack a human.

  • Tigers Fun Facts

Tigers are the largest of the big cats and have the largest fang in the animal world. They have a thick fur that is lined with stripes that enables them to camouflage in thick underbrush while hunting prey. They have been documented to share their food with not just family members but other individuals. Unlike other cats, the tiger along with the jaguar love water and can be found playing, lounging in water bodies.

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