The Best Animal Party Rentals - Exotic Animal Parties

Exotic Animal Parties is a company that not only offers animals that come to you for special occasions, but also provides rent services. When invited to your weddings, corporate parties, birthday parties or other events, we bring our animals to your location to lighten up your events.

We have over 30 years of experience in delivering animals for commercial services. These years have been dedicated to the training and renting of wild and domestic animals to be featured as animal actors in all your cinema, theater, television, and advertising shows.

At Exotic Animal Parties Rental we have a great variety of animals. They include Tigers for rent, Leopards for rents, Big Cats for rent, Monkeys for rent, Black leopards for rent, Ponies for rent, and much more.

Our Core Services:

Do you wish to trill your guests with a memorable animal experience at your party? Our animals for commercial purposes are specially trained to do whatever you need to entertain your audience.

They are perfectly educated and can adapt to suit your requirements. These animals for rent will animate your party, entertain the children, and make your appointment a success.

Yes, we have Leopards for rent

I guess you already know that leopards are wild animals but are you also aware that these animals can be friendly, entertaining and non-harmful?  Well, at Exotic Animals for rent we offer the best leopards for rent.


We also have Tigers for Rent

Have you seen a non-hostile tiger before? If you haven’t then you will be amazed on meeting our tigers for rent. These tigers are professionally trained to be friendly to children, adults and other animals around. So you need not worry about having them as guests at your events.

Big Cats for rent

Our big cats for rents are great pets to have by your side while filming an event. They are wise and entertaining. They can easily mimic what you do so if you dance, they would dance along with you. Apart from that, they have series of instructions they obey and when they act, you would be marveled.

Ponies for Rent

It is not surprising that children are fans of all kinds of animals, but their love for little ponies is so intense. Perhaps it is because of how beautiful and adorable ponies look. If you wish to give your child a wonderful birthday party experience, then I think inviting ponies to the party will be a great idea.

Monkeys for Rent

Our monkeys for rent are cute and adorable. These petite monkeys will soften your heart with their eyes, hair, gait, and cute clutches. They love to play with anyone who gives them attention.

Exotic Animal Parties Rentals offer the best animals for commercial services. All our animals for rent have got all the skills required to entertain any audience. We are very affordable and you can contact us at Broward County, Florida.  We are open 24/7 on our website just to hear from you.