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Michael Poggi is an animal lover and expert who has worked with exotic animals such as marmosets for over 30 years. He has helped hundreds of birds and animals go back into the wild, working alongside US Fish and Wildlife. He is known to take in animals, and has taken care of hundreds of animals at his own expense. He works with birds, large wild cats, marmoset monkeys, pygmy marmosets and other mammals. He is a former Assistant Veterinarian and has performed many animal surgeries. Now he has collected many exotic animals, so he can educate his community about wildlife conservation.


Our family animal photo gallery includes most all of the animals currently residing at our facility in south Florida called Poggis animal house. Many of our beautiful creatures have been rescued over the years from the exotic pet industry. Some animals may not currently be available for events. We are licensed by the state fish and game and the USDA and are closely regulated. Poggis animal house takes first priority in making sure the animals are healthy,  happy, and well adjusted. The animals are not trained to do tricks or forced to perform. We encourage only natural behaviors using praise and positive reinforcement. Michael and his family have rescued thousands of exotic animals over the pat 30 years and have paid for their care, medicine, food, and housing with no help from the fish and wildlife or the government. The animal educational parties helps to offset the cost of hundreds of rescued animals that is paid for personally by Poggis animal house.

Michael Poggi
Michael Poggi and Capuchin Monkey

Davie, Florida 33325

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