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Michael’s Exotic Animal Parties offers a fun, fulfilling, and educational experience for kids and adults alike! Kids will enjoy holding and touching a number of different exotic creatures.  Any events, such as corporate birthdays or child birthdays will have the privilege acting as an assistant in the animal show, impressing all of their friends, family and/or coworkers.

Not only will group parties learn fun facts about these animals, Michael is in the unique position to spread awareness of wildlife conservation efforts and his own role in rehabilitating hundreds of exotic animals over the years. Interested in hosting an exotic animal party? We bring the animals to you! 

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Mini Pig

Pocket Monkeys

Capuchin Monkey

Rare Endangered Cottontop Tamarin Monkey Parties

Owl Monkey

Large White Bunny

Micro Bunny


Michael Poggi has more than 30 years of experience rehabilitating injured exotic animals. This makes him one of the foremost experts on handling a variety of animals including tigers, leopards, cougars, zebras, owls, foxes, raccoons, cranes, storks, wild Egyptian geese, pocket monkeys, capuchin monkeys, owl monkeys, marmoset monkeys, rare endangered cottontop tamarins, mini pigs, large white bunnies, micro bunnies, rare albino iguanas, baby alpacas, lemurssnakes, fancy exotic birds, ponies, exotic petting zoo animals, Siberian lynx, and more.

Michael works with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service on the eventual release of hundreds of animals that he has taken in and treated, often at his own expense.  He is widely known for his compassion and enthusiasm for birds, mammals, and reptiles alike.

Michael first fully realized his passion for caring and learning about exotic animals when he interned as a veterinary assistant during college.

Michael especially enjoys exhibiting his exotic animal collection to future enthusiasts and educating the public about the importance of worldwide wildlife conservation efforts. He also raises and sells marmoset monkeys (also known as pocket monkeys) as pets.

Our family animal photo gallery includes most all of the animals currently residing at our facility in south Florida called Poggis animal house. Many of our beautiful creatures have been rescued over the years from the exotic pet industry. Some animals may not currently be available for events. We are licensed by the state fish and game and the USDA and are closely regulated. Poggis animal house takes first priority in making sure the animals are healthy,  happy, and well adjusted. The animals are not trained to do tricks or forced to perform. We encourage only natural behaviors using praise and positive reinforcement. Michael and his family have rescued thousands of exotic animals over the pat 30 years and have paid for their care, medicine, food, and housing with no help from the fish and wildlife or the government. The animal educational parties helps to offset the cost of hundreds of rescued animals that is paid for personally by Poggis animal house.

Michael Poggi - Capuchin Monkey
Michael Poggi - Albino Iguana
Michael Poggi

Interested in photography with you, your guests and our animals?

We provide professional, high resolution photography of your exotic animal experience that you can cherish forever.

Leave it up to experts to take all of the photos for you! Capture the memories of a lifetime! Just mention you’d like our photography package upon booking your party or function.


“We had a great experience with Exotic Animal Parties. All the animals were very cute , clean, and the owners were very professional and accommodating. They arrived on time and were very efficient at setting up the animals. The kids and parents had a blast!”

Anastashia P.

“So professional and Amazing !!”

Deanie Brown

“My daughter thought it was the best day ever. Such wonderful monkeys and a great handler. Janet took the time to understand what my daughter wanted and provided even more. I cannot say enough good words about the fabulous experience we had!”

Maryann Evans

“An amazing experience, I never thought I’d get that close to these exotic animals.  Micheal and his team are experts in handling and showings the stars or the show. I can’t wait to schedule a party for my two grandsons. Thank you Michael!”

Jeffrey Goldstein

“I highly recommend Exotic Animal Parties. Amazing animals and staff! We had the Exotic Animal Crew with their incredible animals to my son’s birthday party and everyone had the best time. The animals were beautiful, sweet & kind, very well cared for and the staff was attentive and Knowledgeable. Janet is a lovely women with a big heart and she really cares about showing your guests a great time. I highly recommend the Exotic Animal Crew and we will have them back to many parties in the future. Great job guys, thank you for making our party so spectacular!”

Erin Keenan

“All of the kids at my son’s birthday party were in heaven, including many adults! The experience was much more than I expected. We got to interact with so many precious animals. Three weeks later, my guests are still talking about what a wonderful time they had!”

Melanie Wilpon

“My interaction with the owner over the phone and through email was professional, she was extremely kind and exhibited so much patience with me; the contract was easy to read and the animals stole the show. I am beyond thrilled and cannot wait to work with this company again.”

Theresa Vendetti

“I had them for my son’s birthday party. I cannot say enough good things about them. Everyone fell in love with the monkeys. Janet was very nice and let everyone take a picture with all of the animals. I strongly recommend them and I will certainly use them again for my daughter’s birthday party.”

Sahar Shirooni

Michael Poggi - Jaguar

Seeing Michael’s Exotic Animal Parties presentation may just be the first step in your child’s journey toward becoming a Zoologist or Veterinarian one day. Or it can be a special way to tell your employees, thank you.  Set up an exotic animal show with Michael’s Exotic Animal Parties today to make an inspiring memory for your guests that will last a lifetime!

We bring the animals to you!

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