an exciting and educational exotic animal party presentation.

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Michael Poggi's more than 30 years of experience rehabilitating injured exotic animals make him one of the foremost experts on handling a variety of critters, from Tigers, Leopards, Cougars, Zebras, Owls, Foxs, Racoons, Cranes, Storks to wild Egyptian geese to the Siberian lynx. Having contracted with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service on the eventual release of hundreds of animals he has taken in and treated at his own expense, he is widely known for his compassion and enthusiasm for birds, mammals and reptiles alike.

Michael first fully realized his passion for caring and learning about exotic animals when he interned as a veterinary assistant during college. While Michael Poggi also raises and sells marmoset monkey also known as pocket monkey as pets http://www.poggisanimalhouse.com, he especially enjoys exhibiting his exotic animal collection for future enthusiasts and educating the public about the importance of worldwide wildlife conservation efforts as part of Michael's Exotic Animal Parties business.

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Michael's Exotic Animal Parties offers a fun, fulfilling and educational experience for kids and adults alike! Kids will enjoy holding and touching a number of different exotic creatures, and of course any VIPs, such as children celebrating their birthdays or perhaps student who have earned an award, will have the privilege of being the first or even may get to act as an assistant in the animal show, impressing all their friends. Not only will kids learn fun facts about these animals, Michael is in the unique position to spread awareness of wildlife conservation effort and his own role in rehabilitating hundreds of exotic animals over the years, providing the astonishing details and histories of the animals in his care.

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Either way, seeing Michael's Exotic Animal Parties presentation may just be the first step in your child's journey toward becoming a Zoologist or Veterinarian one day. Set up an exotic animal show with Michael's Exotic Animal Parties today to make an inspiring memory for your guests that will last a lifetime!

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